It’s been almost three years since ‘Call of Duty Black Ops 2’ released in stores, and now Activision seems to be ready to revisit the popular storyline with an all-new installment and wrapping up a trilogy. A new teaser-trailer was released earlier today from the publisher, hinting at what the vast-majority of players believe to be ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops III.’ You will have to wait until late April to be absolutely sure, but Activision isn’t exactly hiding the game very well.

The trailer is classic Activision, with strange codes, numbers and red-herrings all jumbled into a sci-fi mystery of confusing symbols and rotating information strands that eventually begin to create the outlines of a character. All of this continues to happen until the trailer fades…to black actually. With all the mystery surrounding the official release, it’s strange that the publisher decided to pretty much spoil the entire point of creating a mystery video by calling the campaign #backinblack, then adding a distinctive ‘III’ in roman numerals at the end of the video. In the end Activision basically announced the game without actually doing so, leaving the bigger mystery unanswered, “Why did Activision make this confusing non-announcement, announcement?”

Previous installments to the Black Ops spy-thriller series have been extremely well-met, by both reviewers and by players across the world. Fans have been busy decoding the seemingly endless amount of GPS coordinates, dates, letters, numbers, and symbols that rotate and fade in-and-out of focus throughout the entirety of the short teaser-trailer.

If spending your time jotting down notes and plugging in coordinates into Google Maps doesn’t sound like fun, you can simply wait until April 26 when Activision announces the next installment worldwide. More information on the story, release date and platforms will be revealed at that time, so stay tuned for further details.