Award winning actress Abigail Breslin, best known for her Academy Award-nominated breakthrough role in Little Miss Sunshine, is adding another accomplishment to her resume – published author. Now, with her upcoming television debut role on FOX’s highly anticipated Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens, multiple films on the horizon, and solo album titled The World Now scheduled for release June 15, 2015, Abigail will also be taking the literary world by storm.

Written with Abigail’s wit and honesty, THIS MAY SOUND CRAZY is full of cautionary tales and clever advice ranging from why you should stop stalking your ex to how to survive your very own Halloween horror story. In this collection of nonfiction essays, Abigail brings her hilarious and heartfelt voice to the page as she explores the things nearest and dearest to every teen—love, loss, and Tumblr.

“I started my tumblr Mixtapes and Winter Coats because I wanted to share my late night ramblings and feels, such as talking to my cat at 2 AM, with all of you,” says Breslin. “That blog evolved into my book, THIS MAY SOUND CRAZY. I hope when you read it, you’ll see that you are not alone even when you’re wondering when it’s ok to text your crush first, which is the most terrifying situation ever.”

“I’m so thrilled to be working with Abigail Breslin on THIS MAY SOUND CRAZY,” says Dave Linker, Executive Editor at HarperCollins. “She channels the angst of her generation with a fearlessness that’s at once hilarious and deeply moving. Anyone who’s ever had a broken heart or felt lost or who just wished for a perfect Christmas Day will feel instantly understood in these pages.”

World rights for THIS MAY SOUND CRAZY were sold to David Linker, Executive Editor HarperCollins US from CAA and will be published in October 2015. More information on the upcoming release, pricing and other details can be found at authorized retailers like Amazon below.

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