X-MEN staple Wolverine will have to be recast the next time he appears in a film, Hugh Jackman appears to be moving on from the role. Jackman made the confusing announcement with a single Instagram picture that he shared with his followers, implying that he is retiring from the popular role.

Jackman released the picture earlier today saying, “WOLVERINE … ONE LAST TIME.” The picture was a simple shot of Wolverine’s iconic claws that he wears in the film franchise. Fans replied with shock and sorrow at the news.

There’s some debate on whether or not Hugh Jackman will appear in the next film ‘X-MEN Apocalypse,’ since the actor was never confirmed for the role. It could be that Jackman’s scenes were already shot, but he was never confirmed for the film. Fans that are eager to see the film have about a year’s wait before it is released in theaters. ‘X-MEN Apocalypse’ is set to release on May 27, 2016.

Wolverine is scheduled to get his own film in the future, and that will be the final film that will feature Hugh Jackman as the popular mutant. If Jackman’s photo is any indication.

It’s been a long and profitable ride for Jackman, the actor has been playing the role of Wolverine since 2000, where he first appeared as Wolverine in the film “X-Men.” Since the original film, Hugh Jackman has appeared in seven different ‘X-MEN’ films. Two of those films were spinoffs focusing on Wolverine’s unique story. Those two films were “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “The Wolverine.”


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There are a few ‘X-MEN’ films in the works that fans may have been eager to see ‘Wolverine’ make an appearance. Not only is ‘X-MEN Apocalypse’ set to release, there is also ‘Deadpool’ starring Ryan Reynolds and a film following ‘Gambit’ with Channing Tatum. It seems unlikely that Jackman will appear in any of those films at this time.