After long last Instagram has finally figured out that people like to add more than one picture to their Instagram uploads. Users have already been doing this for months, thanks to the help of third-party apps, but now they can do it in-house.

The new feature is called Layout, and when you use the app it will supply you with custom layouts to choose from. Users will simply pick the pictures they would like to use in the template layout form their camera roll and then upload the collage easily to their Instagram account.

In the announcement Instagram stated, “To make it easier to find the photos you want, we’ve also added a Faces option that shows you all the photos in your camera roll that feature people.” The company added, “From there, you have complete artistic control. Drag and drop photos to rearrange them, pinch to zoom or pull the sides of each photo to adjust its size and get your layout just right. Then flip and rotate your photos to create cool arrangements and mirror effects.”

Other features added with the app include a Photo Booth, which features a short countdown and will offer a few pictures, just like the carnivals and boardwalks of yesteryear.

The company went on the describe the features by stating, “From imagining mirrored landscapes to sharing multiple moments from an entire adventure, we’ve seen these kinds of visual storytelling happening on Instagram and we’re inspired by it. With Layout, it’s easier than ever to unlock your creativity — and we can’t wait to see what you’ll make next.”

The new app should be a welcomed addition to anyone that uses Instagram regularly. For information on the new app’s IOS version, you can find it below from the link to the Apple App Store.

more info: apple store