It will be a somber day for the fashion world, as designers, marketers and fans watch Gisele Bündchen walk her last show in April. The world-famous supermodel is hanging-up her high-heels and feathers, and settling down for a world away from the catwalk. Don’t be too sad though, this isn’t the end of Gisele Bündchen by a long-shot.

Gisele has been a leading name in the modeling world for the last 20 years, and regardless of the campaign that she is running, she is almost instantly recognizable in countries around the world. At just 34-years-old, Gisele Bündchen isn’t the oldest supermodel to walk the runway, but she has decided to gracefully bow-out of the business, it was Moda Estadão that was the first to report Bündchen’s retirement. The model will be walking her final show in Brazil during the São Paulo Fashion Week.

If you want to catch the last show, the finale to her fantastic runway career will be her walk on April 20th during the Colcci line showing. Gisele has worked with the Brazilian brand many times in the past, and has promoted their work, and it’s famous lines throughout her long-standing career.

This won’t be the last time you will see Gisele however, the model is only ending her fashion-show career as a catwalking model. Her long-legs, finely-tuned face and amazing body will still be used in future fashion campaigns. We imagine that Victoria’s Secret had a lot to do with that decision to say in the campaign business. Gisele Bündchen has been the highest paid model for the last eight years straight, so we can understand that she might want to take it a little easier and spend more time with that gorgeous family of hers. We do look forward to seeing more of her always wonderful campaign ads in the future.