Tim Burton is no stranger to the magical world of Disney, you can find characters from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ or his latest live-action adaptation of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ sprinkled across Walt Disney theme parks if you ever visit, but now the director is taking on something much bigger.

Tim Burton is finalizing his role as the new director in the live-action adaptation of the animated classic ‘Dumbo’. The project has been in the works for several months now at Walt Disney Studios, but with a recent script finalizing the story, the studio can finally nail down the director and get to casting. Ehren Kruger is close to finalizing the script for the film, fans may know Kruger for his latest work, having written the majority of ‘Transformers’ films. The WSJ was the first to report Burton’s role in the new film.

If you need a refresher, ‘Dumbo’ is the story of a young circus elephant, who is teased and ridiculed for his gigantic ears. It’s when Dumbo meets a young mouse that teaches him to believe in himself, that the young elephant quickly becomes the star attraction for the circus. Disney has been on a roll with live-action remakes, often times mixing live-action with CGI to create all-new films based on the studios’ classic hits.

Disney has already released “Maleficent,” “Alice in Wonderland” and “Cinderella” as live-action films. Fans can expect a sequel to “Alice in Wonderland” and a new “Beauty and the Beast” film has already been scheduled to release as well. That film will star Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans. No information on casting has been announced for the new ‘Dumbo’ film. Casting and a release window will be announced over the next few months if the Studio finally approves the latest version of Kruger’s script. So stay tune for more information on the project.