With just how expansive the ‘Star Wars’ franchise is, it may be hard to believe that there has never been a lesbian character written into the story-line. That is all about to change, thanks to a new book expected to hit store-shelves called ‘Lords of the Sith.’

The new novel is expected to release at the end of April, and it will include a lesbian character. Not just a first for the novels, it’s the first lesbian character to have ever been written into the entire series. The character, Delian Mors, will soon leave her official mark on Star Wars canon when the novel releases late April.

According to the early descriptions, Mors is an Imperial officer, and is described as a very assertive, and capable leader of her fleet. Shelly Shapiro, editor of Star Wars novels at publisher Del Rey ,spoke on a podcast with fansite Big Shiny Robot saying, “This is certainly the first character in canon,” adding, “But there was a gay Mandalorian couple, so it’s not brand new. It’s not something I really think about, it just makes sense.” Shapiro then added, “There’s a lot of diversity–there should be diversity in Star Wars.”

“You have all these different species and it would be silly to not also recognize that there’s a lot of diversity in humans. If there’s any message at all, it’s simply that Star Wars is as diverse (or more so because they have alien species) as humanity is in real life and we don’t want to pretend it’s not. It just felt perfectly natural.”

The book’s author, Paul Kemp, took to Twitter to discuss adding the lesbian character saying, “I don’t do “political correctness,” whatever that means. I write the stories I want to write, featuring the characters I want to feature. I don’t touch demographic bases to appease this group or that. I write what I want. Full stop. It’s true that Lords of the Sith has a lesbian character. Her orientation is a characteristic in the same way as is her brunette hair. It just fit with my conception of her.”

The story in the book takes place between ‘Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith’ and the new animated series ‘Star Wars Rebels’. The new book will release on April 28, 2015. More info on the book or to pre-order can be found on authorized retailers like amazon.com