It was a monumental collaboration of film and fashion, and the audience loved it. The onlookers at Valentino’s Paris Fashion Week didn’t know that they would be witness to a marketing stunt of epic proportion when they sat down for the designer’s latest show at the Jardines Des Tuileries this morning, but we are sure they won’t soon forget it.

At the end of the show Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, in characters as Zoolander and Hansel, walked down the runway like a pair of pros. The duo were outfitted with pieces from Valentino’s fall 2015 collection, and they looked just as wonderful as ever. Just like in the film, pop-stars and fashionistas watched on, smiling and cheering on the famous pair of male-models (but why male models?). Those in attendance this morning included Kate Mara, Cara Delevingne and Nicky Hilton.

The two were announcing their new film, a sequel to the original 2001 hit ‘Zoolander,’ which now has an official release date. Penelope Cruz has already agreed to co-star in the film, which was written by Justin Theroux.

Although the film has been moving forward steadily for the past year, it was unclear if Owen Wilson would be returning in the Ben Stiller directed film, now it’s pretty clear that Hansel will be returning as the ever-so-hot Hansel. In a prepared statement, Paramount Pictures confirmed that the film will release in theaters on February 12, 2016.