When making a third installment to a film named ‘Sharknado’ surprising fans doesn’t come easy, but damned if the Asylum didn’t manage to do it. SyFy announced today that ‘Sharknado 3’ will now include David Hasselhoff.

In the film David Hasselhoff will play the role of Gilbert Sheperd, the father of Ian Ziering’s character, Fin, in the popular franchise. Known simply as ‘The Hoff’ now, the former ‘Knight Rider’ and ‘Baywatch’ star will join Ian Ziering and Tara Reid in third installment to widely popular film franchise. The cast will also feature Cassie Scerbo as Nova; Bo Derek as April’s mother, Ryan Newman is playing the role of April and Fin’s daughter Claudia and Jack Griffo has been cast as Claudia’s best friend Billy. The cast is pretty fantastic for such an odd pop-culture hit. When it aired last July 30, Sharknado 2: The Second One became Syfy’s most-watched Original Movie ever with 3.9 million total viewers. Sharknado 3 is a production of The Asylum.

Mark Cuban is even on board for the third film, he will be playing the President of the United States. Ann Coulter was picked-up to play the Vice President. Fans can also expect to see Jerry Springer, former *NSYNC singer Chris Kirkpatrick, former WWE star Chris Jericho. The production was stalled recently from a union strike, but “Sharknado 3″ is still scheduled to premiere on the Syfy this July.

In the third film deadly sharks are headed straight to Washington, D.C., soon they will barrel-down the east-coast as they make their way to Florida. Directing the third installment will be Anthony C. Ferrante. Thunder Levin wrote the screenplay for the project. The Asylum is one of the world’s leading brand-oriented motion picture and television studios. With a focus on high-concept, market-driven entertainment, like the SHARKNADO franchise, The Asylum finances, produces and releases 25 films per year through its direct pipeline to the nation’s top retailers and its network of international partners.