Comic-book fans got a special surprise this morning, CBS released the first official photo of Melissa Benoist as Supergirl. The first-look cast-photo was released earlier today from the studio, just as production had begun on the highly-anticipated CBS pilot. The show will not only revolve around Supergirl, but will also feature numerous characters from the DC Universe.

CBS chose three-time Oscar winner Colleen Atwood to design the Supergirl costume, specifically for the new series. In total Atwood has been nominated for eight Oscars, most recently for “Into the Woods,” “Snow White and the Huntsman,” and Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland.” Atwood was also responsible for the designs of “The Flash” and “Arrow,” which are also part of the DC Universe, and are shown on the CW network.

As of right now “Supergirl” is expected to launch in the late 2015-16 seasons. The show will follow the life of Kara Danvers, or as she was known on Krypton; Kara Zor-El. Fans may know Benoist best from her work on “Glee,” but she was very well-received in her latest film-role in “Whiplash”.

Supergirl is Superman’s cousin, and in the series she will be 24. Although she had her powers before the series began, the show will pick-up with Danvers deciding to outwardly use her superpowers for good.

Calista Flockhart, known for her roles in “Ally McBeal,” and “Brothers & Sisters”, will be playing the role of mild-mannered Danvers’ boss at the CatCo company. Also set to star in the series are Cat Grant and Mehcad Brooks (“True Blood”), who was signed on to co-star as Kara’s love interest.

Other cast-members include Jimmy Olsen; Chyler Leigh (“Grey’s Anatomy”), David Harewood (“Homeland”) and Laura Benanti was cast as Kara’s birth mother, named Alura Zor-El. It was also reported that the original 1984 “Supergirl,” Helen Slater, and former Superman actor Dean Cain (“Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”) will be joining in unannounced roles.