Following up her latest role in “Still Alice” with Julianne Moore, Kristen Stewart will be joining Michelle Williams and Laura Dern in a new drama to be directed by Kelly Reichardt. The film has yet to be given an official title, but a few details of the plot have been unveiled before the studio’s official announcement.

Taking place in Montana, Stewart is set to play a lawyer from Boise, Idaho. Stewart’s character takes up a small teaching job several hours from where the character currently lives. During the new position, Stewart’s character meets a young woman from the local town who is auditing her class, the film is based around their relationship.

Stewart recently made headlines after becoming the first American actress to win a Cesar award, one of the highest honors an actor can win in France. Stewart won the award for her work co-starring in the film “Cloud of Sils Maria.” That film was directed by Olivier Assayas, who also wrote the screenplay, and featured Juliette Binoche in the lead-role. Chloë Grace was also featured in the popular film.

As for the untitled new drama, Neil Kopp and Anish Savjani are producing the film. Stewart has several major films in the works other than this latest addition. In the future Stewart is set to star in “Equals” as Nia opposite Nicholas Hoult and Guy Pearce. That film is set to be directed by Drake Doremus, based on a script written by Nathan Parker. Fans can also look forward to her working with Jesse Eisenberg again. The duo will play a stoner-couple fleeing a secretive government agency in the film “American Ultra”. That film will be directed by Nima Nourizadeh, based off a script written by Max Landis. Walton Goggins is starring in the film alongside Eisenberg and Stewart.

More information on the plot, casting details and an official title for the film, are expected to be released over the next few weeks as the film moves closer to production.