High School student turned internet sensation, Draven Rodriguez, has apparently committed suicide. In his late teens, Draven Rodriguez quickly became an internet pop-topic when his his High School senior yearbook picture, taken with his beloved cat Mr. Bigglesworth, hit social-media platforms and image-sharing sites last year. Now just a short time later, the young-man has taken his own life, this according to his parents. Draven Rodriguez was only 17.

A student at Schenectady High School, the picture became a national sensation almost instantly. It was Draven Rodriguez’s idea to pose with his cat, with a background of retro 80s lasers firing off in the background. Social-media sites and magazines applauded the idea, and many people all around the world posted how wonderful they thought the picture was, and what a fun and creative idea it had been.

The picture went viral, as these things tend to do, and the school’s principal Diane Wilkinson, even joined in on the photo after it became famous. The principal didn’t allow the picture to be in the yearbook at first, since cats weren’t allowed in school-portraits. It was later added in, but not as the official portrait for Draven.

Draven’s father, Jonathan Stewart, told the Times Union, “He made friends wherever he went,” adding, “He had friends all over the country – people he’d met at youth-leadership conferences, online, just around town.” Rodriguez himself spoke with the press after his picture became a hit, speaking with the Daily Gazette he said, “I don’t want to go in the yearbook with the generic ‘I-look-like-everyone-else’photo.” He later added, “I wanted a ‘He looks great. Only he would try that’ photo.”

Due to the nature of the death, and out of respect for the family that is grieving the loss of such a young-student, we will not be updating this article with further details of the young-man’s death. The images in this article come from the two ‘Laser Cat’ photos that made Rodriguez an internet hit.