For the past few years Kristen Stewart has nailed three successful films in a row, all starting with her departure from blockbuster cinema in the film ‘Camp X-Ray’ in 2014. Her latest accomplishment in France, is a first for her entire country. This week Stewart won a César Award, one of France’s most prestigious honors given to actors, and she is the first American to ever win one; ever.

The award was given to Stewart as a Best Supporting Actress in Clouds of Sils Maria, a wonderful film written and directed by Olivier Assayas. The film stars French actor Juliette Binoche in the lead role, and was released to limited audiences here in the States. Not all films qualify for the César, first they have to be French, but the 40 year-old tradition of the César is a top prize.

Just Stewart’s nomination was a success, she was the first American to be nominated in the supporting category (it should be mentioned that no American actor has ever been nominated in the lead category).

“The reasons why people make films here in France are very different from the reasons why people make movies in Hollywood and I prefer it here a little bit,” she told Variety backstage. The actor also hinted that she will be returning to the French-film market in the future.

Although she wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, her work in ‘Still Alice’ as Lydia Howland was a wonderful addition to the film. Stewart shared the screen with Julianne Moore, who is a strong contender for a Best Actress Oscar this weekend.

Stewart just completed several projects that will be released over the next two years, including ‘Anesthesia,’ her highly-anticipated sci-fi film ‘Equals’ with Nicholas Hoult and Guy Pearce, and ‘American Ultra’. In that film she will reunite with Jesse Eisenberg, the project was directed by Nima Nourizadeh, based off a script written by Max Landis.