You don’t see too many positive headlines in the news for former rap-star Vanilla Ice, and this one isn’t positive either. Robert Van Winkle, or as he was once known Vanilla Ice, was arrested today in Florida on some very serious charges.

According to local reports the rapper has been charged with breaking into a neighbor’s Florida home and stealing some home and recreational equipment. The home in question is currently being foreclosed on, and apparently the rapper thought that meant you could just take whatever you wanted.

The local Lantana Police Department found a pool heater and a few bicycles in Vanilla Ice’s garage, a few other items were found in the home as well. In a statement released to the press the police department said, “The property was identified by the victim at the location and returned the rightful owner.”

The whole incident could just be a misunderstanding of foreclosure law. Vanilla Ice is renovating the house next-door to the alleged victim, and Ice thought that the home was abandoned and that the property was just left behind (allegedly). According to the same report, Vanilla Ice voluntarily met with detectives before he was officially arrested and taken into custody.

Once the king of the charts in 1989 with his debut album ‘Hooked,’ Ice has been on a pretty steady decline with every growing decade. If you missed his hit-song ‘Ice Ice Baby,’ then you may remember him from ‘Play That Funky Music’ or his other hit ‘Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go’ from the film ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ in 1990. If that doesn’t jog your memory, then nothing will.