Whether you think of them as best friends or spiritual sisters, Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are often times seen together. The duo seem to share similar features, tastes and most recently, the next cover of Vogue magazine.

The high-profile besties recently shared a stage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show late last year, and now they have one of the world’s most premiere fashion-magazines chronicling their ongoing love for one another. From basking in the autumn glow of the west-coast sunlight, to casually hanging out together in peace, the photoshoot highlights the almost picturesque lifestyle the two share while away from the cameras and studios.

The two met through mutual friend Lily Aldridge, and the rest was history as they say. In the article Swift told Vogue, “People had been telling us for years that we needed to meet,” adding, “I remember makeup artists and hair people going, ‘God, she and Karlie would be best friends.” “We were just like, ‘You. My friend. Now,’” Swift explained.

Taylor Swift just launched a new music-video earlier this morning on Good Morning America called ‘Style,‘ fittingly appropriately for the high-gloss shots that will be hitting magazine stores and digital subscriptions later this month. Swift continues her dominant chokehold on the Billboard charts with her latest album ‘1989,’ the pop-star has been unstoppable for the last few months as she jumps from stage to screen with every new single or role.

In 2015 Swift still hasn’t announced any new roles, but in 2014 she took to the big-screen in the film ‘The Giver’ as Rosemary, and had a role on the small-screen as Elaine in FOX’s hit series ‘The New Girl’. Even if Swift decided to stay in the YouTube/Vimeo screenworld her fans wouldn’t seem to mind, as her music-videos are one of the most popular acts that the two services have to offer in that genre.