While most of her fans were on their way to school, or commuting to work, Taylor Swift was releasing her next music video. After a few weeks of teasing the new video with short clips and images, Taylor Swift released “Style” on Friday’s Good Morning America.

The video was leaked just a few hours before the official premiere, but now that Swift has released her own official video, you can expect it to climb up the YouTube/Vimeo charts for the next few weeks. A more abstract ordeal than her previous video for ‘Blank Space,’ the new video offers a contrasting design of light and darkness, with clarity and smoke shuffling through the video at different points in the song.

If there’s one tiny moment that deserves to be mentioned, it’s that Swift’s infamous ‘paper-plane’ necklace made it into the video. The small accessory rose to fame when it was rumored to have been a gift from Harry Styles when the two were dating. The necklace has been mentioned before in a Swift song, first appearing in her track “Out of the Woods.”

Swift’s latest ‘1989’ album has spent an absolutely amazing thirteen weeks at the number-one spot on the Billboard countdown since it was first released. This marks the third single released from the album after ‘Shake it Off,’ and ‘Blank Space’. You can checkout the official video above, filled with classic Taylor Swift dark-red lipstick, bright blue-eyes and a lot of smoke. Honestly we do think it’s one of Swift’s best, and we would love to see more eclectic work from the pop-singer, rather than her usual cinema-inspired videos of the past. Either way, it’s hard not to love a new Taylor Swift song, and we are sure it will be on repeat in a million or so video-players for the next few days courtesy of all Swift’s fans.