He has been a missing piece of the Marvel Universe for far too long, but a new deal between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios will finally have the famous webslinger joining all of his Marvel friends on the big-screen.

Since 1999 Sony pictures has held the film rights to Spider-Man, isolating him to a world of reboots and trilogies, but now Sony will partner with Disney and Marvel Studios in a new deal that will introduce Peter Parker to the actual Marvel Universe set in theaters. It’s just what Marvel fans have wanted, and it’s all coming together rather quickly.

Marvel stopped short of releasing all of the details, but Spider-Man will be in a new Marvel film expected to release over the next few years. As of right now, all bets are on the next film “Captain America: Civil War,” because Spider-Man was had an actual part in the original storyline that the film is based on.

There is some sad news for current Spider-Man fans however, as Andrew Garfield is not expected to reprise the character in the new installments. After Civil-War (assuming that is the first Marvel film that Spidey makes an appearance) things get a little complicated again, but at least the groundwork has been laid out for fans.

The second film featuring the new Spider-Man will come from Sony, and it will be released on July 28, 2017. In that movie Marvel’s Kevin Feige and Sony’s Amy Pascal will produce the film. The partnership will “collaborate on a new creative direction for the web slinger,” according to the announcement made earlier today. Former producers, Ari Arad and Matt Tolmach, will be executive producers on the project.

Sony has been reluctant to give-away it’s Spider-Man holdings in the past, as the franchise is the highest earner in Sony’s arsenal, but with the low turnout received from “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” and the stunning success of all Marvel films, things were bound to change sooner or later.

The new deal will still give Sony final creative control, Sony will also finance, distribute and own the new movies in the future. “This is the right decision for the franchise, for our business, for Marvel, and for the fans,” said SPE’s chairman and CEO Michael Lynton.