Atlus released a new trailer for the upcoming title ‘Persona 5’ earlier this morning. This marks the first trailer for the highly-anticipated title that features any gameplay, including both combat, and non-combat gameplay.

The developers stopped short of releasing any news on the story, but more information on the title is sure to be released over the next few weeks. According to the description on YouTube, the game will launch on current and next-gen systems (PS3 and PS4) stating, “PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 simultaneous release schedule,” Atlus added a release window of 2015 on the YouTube page as well.

The trailer features catchy music by the great Shoji Meguro, a quirky high school setting, a black cat sidekick character that is reminiscent of Teddy, and of course, awesome looking dungeons.

The game has been confirmed for both Japan and North America at this time, other regions may be revealed as the game moves closer to release.