Exact details of the incident are still coming in, but according to the L.A. County Sheriff’s department, former ‘Power Rangers Samurai’ star, Ricardo Medina Jr., has been arrested on a murder charge.

The arrest happened on Saturday, police reports indicate that Medina, now 37, allegedly stabbed and killed his roommate with a samurai sword at their shared residence in Palmdale, California. This according to the initial L.A. County Sheriff’s report on the arrest.

In the report Ricardo Medina Jr. and roommate Joshua Sutter were having a heated argument when Joshua Sutter entered into Medina’s room, it was there that the former Power Rangers actor stabbed him, apparently once in the abdomen. This according to reports shared by TMZ.

Also home at the time of the event, and a witness to the scene, was Medina’s girlfriend. Police were called by Medina. Although Sutter was taken to a local hospital, he was pronounced dead shortly after arriving for care.

Medina was best known as the Red Ranger on Power Rangers Wild Force, though he also stared as Deker on Power Rangers Samurai. Medina is currently being held at the Palmdale Station Jail.