Jim Parsons, the popular actor from ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ will be taking on the role of God in a new Broadway-comedy called “An Act of God.” This marks the first production that Parsons will star in since he took part in the revival of “Harvey” back in 2012. More information on the production will be announced at a later date, but a few details about the play have been released.

The show will begin in May, and the only downside to the show’s schedule is that it won’t open in time to be nominated for the next round of Tony Awards nominations. The production set a date to open on May 28th at Studio 54, meaning that ‘Act of God’ won’t be eligible for a nomination as part of the 2015-16 season. The cutoff date for the next batch of nominations is April 23, 2015.

Act of God will be directed by Joe Mantello, the director of both “Wicked,” and “I’ll Eat You Last.” ‘Act of God’ will be replacing the Roundabout Theater’s current revival of “Cabaret,” set to end on March 29.

The play is based on the popular book “The Last Testament: A Memoir By God,” written by the very talented David Javerbaum. Fans of Javerbaum might know him best for his Emmy-winning work on ‘The Daily Show,’ he is the head writer and serves as exec producer for the Comedy Central series. With Javerbaum writing the stage-adaptation and Mantello directing, the play has some serious talent behind it going into award season next year. The play will be produced by Jeffrey Finn and previews are set for May 5, 2015. The production set a date of May 28, 2015 to open at Studio 54.

There are still two more roles to be cast, both of them angles, but the production stopped short of announcing those roles at this time.