It could happen to anyone, and it seems that Taylor Swift’s Twitter account was hacked earlier this afternoon. At around noon this afternoon (Tuesday EST) Swift’s official Twitter account (@taylorswift13) went from her usual wonderful pictures of faroff getaways with her favorite famous friends, to suggestions of following random internet Twitter accounts. One of those accounts was, “Original Digital Gangster; Leader of Lizard Squad, LulzSec, Anonymous” according to the bio made by the account.

At the time this article was written there were no confirmations from Taylor Swift’s team that the account was compromised, but the random tweets are a strong suggestion that someone managed to hack her account. The latest Tweet sent out from the account stated, “go follow my boy @lizzard :)” and just before that, “Shoutout @veriuser follow him guys’ Fav when done for a follow.”

With 51.4 million followers Taylor Swift is one of the more popular accounts on Twitter, making her a prime target for hackers. It only took about 15 minutes for the account to delete the unwanted Tweets, then business seemed to get back to normal. Unlike other famous hacks on accounts like One Direction, no fake news or other information was sent out to Swift’s followers, just the messages to follow the two short burner accounts.