The director that brought us ‘Con Air,’ and ‘The Mechanic’ is taking a shot at one of the most iconic horror-films of the late 1950’s; ‘The Blob’. It was confirmed this week that Simon West has joined the reboot-project as its director. The film was originally released back in 1958 and is a classic-horror tale of an alien-ooze that crashes into Earth, only to engulf anything and anyone in its path.

On board as co-producer is Goldcrest Films, the company is also co-financing the remake with Taewon Entertainment and A-List Corporation. The film will attempt to find a distributor at the Berlin Film Festival. Richard Saperstein and Brian Witten are onboard as producers and if everything goes according to plan, production will begin as early as May or June. More information on a release window and casting will be announced after the film moves along in production.

As fate would have it, the producer of the original film, Jack Harris (now 96), will be one of the many executive producers on this new version, along with Judith Parker Harris, Shara Kay and Laurence Freed.

The original film was quite a hit in its day, a fresh-faced Steve McQueen was introduced to the world as the leading man. McQueen was joined on-screen by Aneta Corsaut and Earl Rowe. The original film was directed by Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. based on a screenplay written by Theodore Simonson and Kay Linaker and based on the original idea of Irvine H. Millgate. Russell S. Doughten Jr. is often attached as a co-director when the film is presented now, but he wasn’t credited on the project at release.

This won’t be the first remake of the classic story, another version was released in 1988. That film was directed by Chuck Russell but was still based on the same screenplay, only slightly updated for a modern-age. Chuck Russell’s vision of the retold-classic starred Shawnee Smith, Kevin Dillon and Donovan Leitch Jr..