Guy Pearce and Cobie Smulders will star as romantic leads in ‘Results,’ a film that was recently acquired by Magnolia Pictures. The studio grabbed the film ahead of its Sundance Film Festival premiere.

In the film Smulders plays one of two personal trainers, who meet a wealthy client looking for love as he adjusts to his newly acquired fortune. This new client is named Danny, played by Kevin Corrigan, who is also recently divorced. Danny joins a local gym owned by Guy Pearce, and meets his new trainer Kat, played by Cobie Smulders.

Andrew Bujalski directed the film, which he also wrote. Producing the film were Sam Slater, Paul Bernon, and Houston King. David Bernon, Sev Ohanian, and Greg Stewart were attached as executive producers. During the announcement Magnolia’s president Eamonn Bowles stated, “We’ve been long time fans of Andrew Bujalski, one of the most distinctive American directors working today. We are incredibly excited to be handling Results, especially with the stellar cast he’s assembled.”

There is no firm release-date set for the film, but Magnolia Pictures will most likely set on a Summer 2015 release for the project.