There is a fantastic little promotion going on for James Patterson’s latest work ‘Private Vegas’. The popular author has teamed up with creative agency Mother New York to deliver the world’s first self­-destructing book, and for $294,038 one lucky reader will be able to purchase the book along with a private trip to an undisclosed luxury location, a 5 course dinner with Patterson, and a SWAT team for book handling.

In an alternative, a free version released through a web­app, 1,000 readers in the U.S. will have 24 hours to race to the end of the book before it disappears in a cinematic and spectacular way.

“I’ve been in the business of thrilling people for almost 40 years,” says Patterson. “So much has changed and I want to make sure I keep my readers on the edge of their seats. Faced with imminent destruction, the act of reading against a clock allows fans to become a character in their own thriller.”

Once the 1,000 randomly selected readers unlock their free copy of PRIVATE VEGAS, onlookers from around the world will be able to track participants’ progress in real time and have the ability to “steal time” from the readers on Designed to bring the thrill of reading James Patterson’s book to unprecedented heights, Patterson and Mother New York’s groundbreaking approach is a first for the publishing industry.

“For this launch, we aimed to create the most thrilling reading experience ever. One that takes the suspense of Patterson’s new novel to a crazy, new level,” says Mother New York Creative Director, Paul Malmstrom. “We’re giving Patterson’s avid fan base multiple ways to engage with this mind­ blowing release, including a spectacular $294,038 experience, 1,000 free and self­-destructing digital copies of the book and support of a full­on TV and social media campaign.”

The PRIVATE VEGAS experience begins January 21st, 12pm ET on The hardcover book will be available for purchase on January 26th.

you can read more about the actual hardcover copy, and pre-order the work on sites like amazon