If you don’t use social-media to keep tabs on Kim Kardashian that often, you may not know that the reality-star releases a new selfie almost every other day. Her consistent approach to documenting her outward appearance is now getting its own book, called ‘Selfish,’ expected to release this April.

The book is exactly what it sounds like, and just like the pictures found within the book, the cover is mostly her boobs. The Kim Kardashian selfie book is meant to be coffee table addition (in a house without small children we hope), and at 34-years-old the reality-star is now showing off the cover.

Kim revealed the cover of her book, which is slightly NSFW, by releasing the photo above. “So proud to share the cover of my book Selfish, out in May! Thank you Rizzoli for making this happen & being the best partner. A big thank you to the Donda team & Kanye for inspiring this idea & helping to design this book so I can share a decade of selfies in such an intimate & artistic way! Can’t wait for you to all see this book! Xo #Selfish #Rizzoli #Donda,” Kardashian stated on Instagram.

With full make-up, full cleavage and wet-hair, the photo is a classic Kim Kardashian shot. Fans will soon see this picture, as well as the others that makeup the 352-page photo album, when the book releases in the spring. Kim usually saves these moments for her social media sites, but did say that the ones released in the past (as well as new pictures) would be found within the pages of the new book.

This latest PR stunt comes just a few weeks after the star’s #BreaktheInternet Paper magazine shoot. The book is available to pre-order (we assume as a gag-gift?) or as a selfie tutorial guide, online at stores like Amazon.