After a terrific run this holiday season Microsoft will be discounting the Xbox One to $350 at all US retailers. The official price-drop begins today and is already showing up on online stores like Amazon and Walmart. Two weeks ago Microsoft ended the $50 price-drop that it had on the console for the holidays, and in that short time since, the company has decided to bring it back for a new promotion.

After dropping the price to $350 the Xbox One beat-out the PS4 for the first time since the two consoles launched back in November, Microsoft carried the sales-trend though to the next month as well, this according to the NPD reports. Xbox Corporate VP of Marketing Mike Nichols stated, “Building off a record-setting holiday, we are excited to announce a new promotion in which fans in the US can buy an Xbox One at a special price of $349, starting tomorrow, January 16, from their preferred retailer.”

Microsoft stopped short of saying how long the promotion would last, but if you are interested in picking up a console for yourself now would be the best time since the holidays to do so. There are several bundles available at the $350 price-point, including the Assassin’s Creed Unity bundle. You can checkout what is available and more information on the console by visiting a local retailer, or by checking online at sites like Amazon below.

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