The popular horror-film ‘The Ring’ is getting a long-awaited third installment, this according to the latest reports following the casting of the new project. Leading the cast will be actor Matilda Lutz, set to star in the new version of the F. Javier Gutierrez film.

As of right now the film is simply called “Rings,” plot details are slim at this point but according to TheWrap the film will simply be a new “chapter” in the franchise. Behind the project are Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald, attached as producers.

Not too much is expected to change with the new installment, a tape that dooms the viewer to a death-sentence is still expected to be the central theme of the film. There is no word if Naomi Watts, the original star of the first film and the sequel ‘The Ring Two,’ will make a cameo; but a new, younger cast is expected to relaunch the franchise.

Writing the horror-story are Aviva Goldsman, David Loucka and Jacon Aaron Estes. The movie was based on the original novel written by Koji Suzuki.