You can no longer count on one-hand how many times I’ve praised the wizards that make up the social-media team behind Pretty Little Liars. ABC Family’s hit show targets one of the toughest demographics on the planet; pre-teens to college-aged viewers. Not only are those viewers quick to move on from any fad, that demographic is being buried in social-media marketing almost every moment they are awake. Somehow though, through the avalanche of Tweets, likes, +1’s, fake internet points and shares, the Pretty Little Liars’ message always gets through.

It’s the #POWEROFPRETTYLITTLELIARSSOCIALMEDIA, and as I reported last week, they just hit Snapchat. So how did that go? Well with over 400,000 followers in a few days, PLL is now one of Snapchat’s fastest growing TV brands. Launching the day ahead of its winter season premiere on Snapchat (in a mere 36 hours) “Pretty Little Liars” accumulated over 415,000 followers, easily becoming one of the fastest-growing TV brands. Comparatively, MTV joined the service in December 2013 and by August 2014 had only 225,000 followers, according to a company press release.

The show already has some amazing titles, like being Instagram’s #1 Most Followed Scripted Series, the show launched on the service on May 2014 now has over 1.5 million followers, easily topping #2 Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” (1.0 million) and AMC’s “The Walking Dead” (1.0 million).

Oh, they are also responsible for Twitter’s Top 5 Most Tweeted Scripted TV Telecasts of All Time, you know, just a casual accomplishment.