She can single-handedly take over the NYT’s Best-Sellers list at the drop of a hat, she is Elizabeth Gilbert and she has a new book on the way. The popular author of “Eat, Pray, Love” and “The Signature of All Things,” has confirmed that she will publish a new book this September. This one focusing on a creative and inspired life.

The new book will be called “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear,” and she made the announcement on, a perfect place for the crafting nature of the new book. She also shared the first of what is sure to be a new series of short videos promoting the book, the first of which is the making of the book’s cover.

“The Etsy spirit of living an engaged, creative life is exactly what Liz is speaking to in ‘Big Magic,’” said a spokesperson for Riverhead Books, the publisher behind the next work.

There are tips and advice sections for aspiring artists, start-ups or creative types contained within the new release. The book is sure to be a hit with fans and will release next fall. According to the WJ the author has been working on the follow-up piece for the last 10 years saying, “It was inspired by years of conversations I’ve had with readers—both in person and on social media—about their own creative longings.” She then added, “I’m struck by how deeply people desire to live more inventive and expressive lives, but how stuck they get in their own fear and insecurity.”

If you are excited about the new book, mark September 22 down on your calendar.

More info and images from the book: Amazon: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear