There’s another slim-smartphone on the market, the new Galaxy A7 from Samsung was revealed earlier this morning. The phone joins the ranks of the Galaxy A5 and A3, with the latest installment putting a large focus on social media and photography.

​“We strive to develop devices that appeal to a broad range of consumers and are ahead of the next big social trend,” said JK Shin, CEO and Head of IT & Mobile Communication at Samsung Electronics. “Combining both a stunning metallic design and a powerful performance, the Galaxy A7 is stylish while delivering the superior user experience.”

​The Galaxy A7 offers a multicore processor, consisting of two separate quad core processors with 16GB of memory and 2GB of RAM. The battery chosen for the A7 is the 2,600mAh battery, and if you had an A5 or an A3, you will notice that many of the popular features have carried over. The new device offers an advanced 5 Megapixel front-facing camera and advanced selfie features including ‘Ultra Wide Shot’ and ‘Auto Selfie’ modes, which make it possible to take a photograph using only a voice command or even a simple wave of the hand.

The device also features ‘Always Clear Voice Auto Control’ to reduce noise from the surrounding environment, as well as LTE Category 4 support for quick and easy photo and video uploads on any social network. In addition to these features, the Galaxy A7 offers a Private Mode, which adds an extra layer of security for important files and documents. The A7 also has Multi Screen app function capability.

Samsung continues to focus on creating smartphones equipped with the slimmest metal unibody on the market today, with comfortable grip for ease of use. The range empowers users to choose a device which reflects their personal style and lifestyle needs, not just in terms of their unique features, but also their size and color options.

​The Galaxy A7 will be available in selective market in Pearl White, Midnight Black, and Champagne Gold.