The long-running series ‘Mad Men’ will come to a close this Spring, and AMC has set an official premiere date for the start of the final seven episodes. Fans will finally say goodbye to Don Draper, and the rest of the popular characters from the show, the final seven episodes will begin their run on April 5th, 2015.

If you feel like you haven’t seen a new Mad Men episode in a long-time you’re not mistaken, the last episode premiere over a year ago. AMC decided to split-up the final episode into two seasons, the network did the same thing for the even-more popular series ‘Breaking Bad’.

Mad Men has been following the lives of advertising executives, their families and their staff since the show first premiered back in 2007. Seven years later we finally going to say goodbye to the show. This is the second major series to end on AMC, Breaking Bad having said goodbye last year. The network still has The Walking Dead to rely on, which has been a solid ratings booster for AMC for the last five years. The Breaking Bad prequel ‘Better Call Saul’ will premiere February 8th to pick-up some of the slack left behind from the two-major cancellations.