HBO confirmed the premiere date for season five of ‘Game of Thrones,’ the show will return after its long break this spring, along with a few other HBO favorites. The exact date for the three shows mentioned today to premiere is April 12, and Game of Thrones will return to the same 9 p.m. timeslot as before.

Fans had their fill of suspenseful moments and surprises when the show ended at season three. Last year we saw the mighty Stannis Baratheon appear at the Wall, the soon-to-be-executed Tyrion Lannister escaping from an epic murder, and Arya Stark was on her way to the city of Braavos.

Fan favorite Danerys Targaryen has all but stalled out at the moment. The show did a wonderful job of having her travel from city to city, and we got to see a bit of her dragons, but other than that things haven’t been too smashing for the lovely Mother.

HBO also confirmed that Veep and Silicon Valley will premiere on April 12 as well, so after the sure-to-be horrors of the premiere, you can laugh yourself to bed with one of those options.