The Amazon Fire Phone may not have been the rousing success that Amazon had hoped for, but the lack of demand has caused a terrific price-cut for the device if you act fast.

Amazon has chopped the price of the unlocked version to just $189 today, an amazing deal if you consider that it was once $650 unlocked when it launched. The phone is part of the company’s daily Gold Box deal this afternoon, allowing you to pick-up the phone on sale for a very limited time.

If you do grab the phone while the promotion stands, you will also get Amazon Prime and Amazon’s magnetic earbuds. The phone could serve as a terrific back-up if you travel or just want another line for emergencies. You can checkout the full-list of features and pricing details on the official product page on Amazon, but remember this is only for today.

more info: Amazon Fire Phone, 32GB (Unlocked GSM)