For the past few months there have been a few rumors circling Justin Bieber and his involvement in the new Calvin Klein campaign set to launch in 2015; well it turns out they were true.

The popular brand shared a short clip of a shirtless Justin Bieber as he plays the drums and rubs-up on a female model to make things a little sexier. The Calvins branding of course is present, as it appears over Justin Bieber’s sagging jeans.

At just 20-years-old Bieber joins the ranks of other singers that supported the brand for cash, “I’m longtime fan of the brand and have worn their jeans and underwear for a while, so this is kind of like a dream come true,” he shared in a statement, via WWD. “This is the beginning of an exciting new year for me personally and professionally and being a part of this campaign has been a fantastic opportunity and experience.”

You can watch the short clip of the solo drumming if you like on the official Instagram account of Calvin Klein