Earlier this morning (Friday) the FBI officially named the government of North Korea as the operating body behind the devastating Sony Hacks that have occurred over the last few weeks. Although just a formality at this point, the accusations point to the North Korean government for hacking of Sony Pictures and the threatening of U.S. citizens over the Sony Pictures Entertainment film “The Interview.”

“North Korea’s actions were intended to inflict significant harm on a U.S. business and suppress the right of American citizens to express themselves,” the bureau said in a statement. “Such acts of intimidation fall outside the bounds of acceptable state behavior.”

North Korea has been the primary suspect since the hacks first started, now technical analysis link North Korean-developed malware and other hacking-related information like encryption algorithms and specific coding used in the hack, to the foreign country.

It was just last Wednesday that Sony decided to cancel the Christmas Day release of The Interview, which stars Seth Rogen and James Franco in a film centered around a plot to assassinate the North Korean dictator.

One-day after the cancellation, a White House spokesman claimed the U.S. Government would prepare a “proportional response,” if North Korea was behind the hacking and violent claims. No word yet on what that response will be.