After his departure from ‘Community,’ it was unclear when (or if) Donald Glover would return to television, but a new deal with FX will have Glover returning to the small screen once again. In the new FX comedy “Atlanta,” Donald Glover will star as an up and coming rap star with dreams of making it big. Glover seems to have a lot of control over the new series, writing the pilot himself and earning an executive producer credit as well under FX Prods. with Paul Simms and Dianne McGunigle.

The project isn’t a stretch for Glover, he’s doing quite well in the music business himself under his stage name, the Childish Gambino. Just last week we reported that he earned a Grammy nomination this year for his work on the rap album “Because the Internet.”

“Donald Glover is a uniquely talented actor and performer who brings real-life experience to this subject matter,” said Nick Grad from FX Networks and FX Prods. “Not only is Donald a very gifted actor, he has achieved tremendous success and acclaim as the musical artist Childish Gambino. He, along with Paul Simms, has a very honest, sometimes serious, and funny perspective on life, the world of rap music and the city of Atlanta.”