Twitch has acquired GoodGame, a very promising talent and content company that has grown steadily over the past few years. The acquisition will allow Twitch to harness GoodGame’s unique service package, as well as its staff’s industry expertise and community leadership, in order to offer an even broader array of support and monetization opportunities to the greater Twitch community.

As esports and live video game broadcasting continue to grow at an explosive pace, advertisers have struggled to understand how to most effectively engage and reach this massive audience. GoodGame has helped solve this problem with an arsenal of fresh, non-traditional engagement methods uniquely suited to the ever-evolving digital media audience. This, coupled with its efforts to establish clear standards for reporting and communication of value to sponsors, has allowed GoodGame to succeed at welcoming major sponsors and advertisers into the community.

Under the leadership of its CEO, Alexander Garfield, the company has created a model that keeps players and content creators focused on what they do well while monetizing their work more effectively via advertisements, sponsorships, and merchandising. With GoodGame’s specialized skill set added to Twitch’s already industry-leading partner program, Twitch streamers will soon have even more ways to build their careers as content creators.

“GoodGame has an amazing reputation in the industry for its expertise in both sponsorship sales and talent support. Their passion for helping content creators and pro players achieve success has elevated the entire industry in the minds of brands worldwide,” said Kevin Lin, COO of Twitch. “GoodGame was a natural fit for Twitch because of our shared experience in creating compelling monetization opportunities for content partners and helping sponsors get the most out of their investments. We have worked with GoodGame CEO Alexander Garfield for several years, and there is a clear opportunity for him to bring his skills and experiences to many more of our partners.”

“We view GoodGame as a conduit,” said Alexander Garfield, CEO of GoodGame. “Its purpose is to help support as many players and broadcasters as possible by channeling revenue into our community, and making sure it stays here. I can think of no better way to accomplish that goal than by working hand-in-hand with the very same platform whose passionate audience has essentially built our company. We wouldn’t have made it to where we are today without Twitch and its users – we’re excited to give back.”