If Kendall Jenner isn’t on the catwalk or on instagram, she is usually in a new ad campaign. The 19 year-old aspiring model is showing even more skin in a new holiday ad campaign for LOVE magazine. This marks Day 8 of the LOVE Magazine Advent Calendar, a bold choice to use the religious calendar for marketing purposes I should say, but one that seems to be quite popular.

Earlier this week we reported that Jenner was making a splash on the magazine, now today we can show you the new video that is sure to turn a few heads this holiday season. Not only does Jenner steal the spotlight, you can catch Katy Perry’s “California Girls” in the background. Although Jenner is down to some sexy bra and underwear, she’s actually more covered-up than she has been on the catwalk lately, it’s just a little sexy. Why Santa is spanking Kendall Jenner we will have to assume is for naughty reasons, but no official statement from the North Pole was given at this time.

Either way LOVE magazine is sure to get a nice bump this holiday season from the campaign, so Merry X-mas all around we say.