Everything is coming up Krysten Ritter, the popular actor has just been confirmed as the new lead in the Marvel series ‘Jessica Jones,’ the latest superhero casting from Marvel. While having quite a few popular series, films and characters in her pocket, Krysten Ritter was recently the B- in ‘Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23,’ and will now move to Netflix to star in the straight-to-series comic book feature.

This is one of four series that Marvel will be taking to Netflix over the years, (also announced was Daredevil) Ritter will star as Jessica Jones in the series, who while suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, retires from the world of superheroes to start a detective agency that still helps other heroes in their fight, as well as civilians.

Jessica Jones won’t be too much of a stretch for Ritter, the character is an often times a bitter and sarcastic twist on the traditional superhero archetype. The gorgeous Jones is also a beautiful and self-sufficient woman in her own series, and should be a popular addition to the Marvel Universe.

More casting and other details will be announced as the project moves along in production.