America’s obsession with pop-culture continues for another year, Microsoft’s popular Bing search engine has shared a few stats that the company has collected in 2014, showing the list of ‘most-searched’ icons, politicians, and sports-players.

Last year Kim Kardashian was in the No. 2 spot, while Beyonce Knowles sat in her royal throne at number one. A Vogue cover, a wedding to Kanye West, a new mobile app and her latest “break the Internet,” photos helped Kim Kardashian take the number one spot this year. Her little sister made the list as well, Kendall Jenner broke into the top 10 for the first time thanks to her modeling career and television show that follows her and her outrageous family.

Comedic legends Robin Williams and Joan Rivers made the list this year, following their unexpected and tragic deaths in 2014. As did the beloved American author and poet Maya Angelou, who also passed away in 2014. News of each passing had people taking to the Internet and searching for their favorite moments of each star’s life.

Sports dominated the news in 2014, between the long-awaited World Cup, a surprising Super Bowl performance and the controversial Winter Olympics. The mystery behind the missing Malaysia Airlines jet captured our attention as we craved answers to the tragedy and speculated on what may have happened. In addition, the worldwide Ebola outbreak drove headlines this year as global health authorities worked to contain the pandemic.

Other top search results in the U.S.

Most-Searched People



1.      Kim Kardashian

2.      Beyonce Knowles

3.      Miley Cyrus

4.      Katy Perry

5.      Justin Bieber

6.      Joan Rivers

7.      Jennifer Lopez

8.      Kendall Jenner

9.      Kaley Cuoco

10.    Robin Williams

1.      Beyonce Knowles

2.      Kim Kardashian

3.      Rihanna

4.      Taylor Swift

5.      Madonna

6.      Justin Bieber

7.      Nicki Minaj

8.      Amanda Bynes

9.      Miley Cyrus

10.    Barack Obama


Most-Searched Athletes

Most-Searched Politicians

1.      LeBron James

2.      Michael Jordan

3.      Lamar Odom

4.      Danica Patrick

5.      Tim Tebow

6.      Peyton Manning

7.      Colin Kaepernick

8.      Serena Williams

9.      Derek Jeter

10.    Tom Brady

1.      Barack Obama

2.      Hillary Clinton

3.      Chris Christie

4.      Eric Holder

5.      Michele Bachmann

6.      Rick Perry

7.      Nancy Pelosi

8.      Harry Reid

9.      Michael Grimm

10.    Bernie Sanders