Its the dawning of a new age, to go along with the new female-lead in a Superhero film for a change, the studio has named Michelle MacLaren to direct the new ‘Wonder Woman’ spin-off starring Gal Gadot. Warner Bros. is the studio behind the project, Variety was one of the first outlets to report that the deal with MacLaren had been finalized.

Charles Roven is producing the film, which will be one of the spin-off titles that tie into the ‘Justice League’ franchise being setup by ‘Man of Steel’ in the commonly referred to ‘Batman vs. Superman’ film. Warner Bros. has not released any details on the plot of the standalone Wonder Woman project, except that it will be released on June 23, 2017.

The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and other popular DC heroes are all expected to appear in one-another films, much like the Marvel Universe has done in the past, then get their own spin-off movies over the next ten years. More information on casting, plot details and other finer-details will be made available as the project enters into production.