One of the best times to pick-up a few extra games is during the Valve’s Steam Sales, and another one is just around the corner. According to multiple source, referring to a PayPal marketing campaign, the popular Steam Fall Sale will begin later next week on November 26.

Think of it as a little pre Black-Friday shopping spree on the day before Thanksgiving. The sales event is expect to last from November 26 through December 1, this according to gaming site VG247. According to the PayPal email received, PayPal was hinting at the need for Steam Wallet codes next week, and offered the dates of the often times secretive launch of the annual sale.

Valve doesn’t usually announce when they will be having a sale, so we will just have to wait until next week. Usually the digital-distribution site offers sales on games from 25%-75% off their MSRPs. More details will be released after the sale goes live.