The 1984 film adaptation is moving forward, with the studio naming Paul Greengrass to direct the George Orwell classic. Greengrass has had some well-known experience in the sci-fi/thriller world, having taken-up ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ in the past.

Sony Pictures is the studio behind the project, expected to start shooting next year or even as late as 2016. Scott Rudin and Gina Rosenblum are attached to produce the film. James Graham will write the film-adaption, but no casting decisions have been made at this time.

The book is synonymous with the phrase ‘Big Brother is Watching You,’ and as we move forward into an NSA observed America, the parallels of the book and the United States have been a frequent topic on news and media sites.

This won’t be the first film-adaptation of the popular novel though, Michael Radford took the film to audiences with John Hurt as Winston Smith in, you got it, 1984.

We just reported last week that Greengrass would be returning to the Bourne franchise, filming once again with Matt Damon, that project is also set to start filming in 2015.