Winter has always been a terrific season to couple-up, it can be crucial to find someone special before the cold-nights set-in and you are trapped in your NYC apartment for weeks on end; powering through a Netflix binge. Long-rumored couple Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger made their public debut this week, Schwarzenegger is of course son to the Schwarzenegger and Shriver/Kennedy fortune, and well everyone knows Miley Cyrus already.

The photo above came from last night’s football game at USC, Patrick is attending the school currently. Miley even came prepared, sporting a knit USC hat and wearing what we can assume is Patrick’s letterman jacket. The crowds and the media have swooned over the idea of Cyrus and the 21-year-old actor and model dating each other, in the pictures they do appear to be wonderfully happy for the night.

Cyrus of course ended her previous engagement to actor Liam Hemsworth last year, and it seems that she has found a new man in her life, but they may be taking it much more slowly. “They don’t have a title,” an unnamed insider told E! News. “They are having so much fun together that friends don’t know at certain times if they are a couple or best friends.” The source then added: “They might seem like an odd pairing, but they are quite good for each other. They’ve been friends forever.”

Unnamed sources aside, it’s hard to argue with pictures, and these seem just lovely. We can only hope that we look just as adorable in stadium lighting when others take photos of us.