In an effort to improve the struggling series ‘Mulaney,’ FOX will be moving the show to Sunday at 7:30pm starting on November 23. The sitcom is only in its freshman year, and has been struggling almost since the very first episode.

The time-period downgrade for the show doesn’t speak well of the show being picked-up for a second series, but the new lead-in may improve things. The show stars, and was created by, comedian John Mulaney, a popular act on the stand-up circuit that isn’t doing as well leading a sitcom. The show skipped the pilot drama and went straight to series thanks to a deal at FOX. The show was originally picked-up for 16 episodes, now that it has sunk in the ratings, the show was cut-down to 13.

The 7:30 PM slot was once owned by Bob’s Burgers, that show will now move from 7:30 to 9:30pm, following Family Guy on Animation Domination.