Earlier this year we confirmed that a few lucky short-stories will become part of the ‘Twilight’ universe through ‘The Storytellers — New Voices of The Twilight Saga’ campaign, created through a collaboration including the creators of the “Twilight” film series, Women In Film, Facebook, Lionsgate, Tongal, and Volvo Cars. The project not only highlights up-and-coming female filmmakers, but also serves to continue the incredibly popular world of the Twilight saga for fans.

In a new video featuring the original author, Stephenie Meyer, the promotional clip shows you a few of the actresses and filmmakers that are included in the contest. Also taking center-stage in the video is Kristen Stewart, who may have outgrown her younger days as the Twilight star, but was awesome enough to come and help promote the project. Octavia Spencer, Jennifer Lee, and other artists will be judging the “Twilight”-inspired shorts to find the winner.

The Storytellers contest can be found at the official website below, were fans can vote on which “Twilight” character’s origin story you would like to see become a larger portion of the Twilight history.

more info: tongal