Mark Wahlberg to star in Six Billion Dollar Man

When I was younger our bionic-men only cost six million dollars, and our gas was less than a dollar a gallon. Times have changed, now it costs six-billion dollars to create a new bionic-man and most of that is CGI it seems.

It was reported today that Peter Berg will direct Mark Wahlberg in a new film called, ‘The Six Billion Dollar Man.’ The film is a reboot of the 1970s TV series The Six Million Dollar Man. Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg have worked together in the past, Berg directed Lone Survivor and he was also an executive producer on Friday Night Lights before it was cancelled.

In the original series, viewers followed the adventures of astronaut Steve Austin. The astronaut, having almost died from an accident, is reconstructed with cyborg-like legs, right arm and left eye.

The Weinstein Company is the studio behind the project, more casting and other updates will be releases at a later date.

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