After a long-break, the former team of ISIS will be coming back in the beginning of 2015. FX has released a short promo-trailer to get fans excited for the upcoming sixth season of Archer, which will have the crew returning to the spy-game and leaving their cocaine-trafficking days behind them. Each of the members will be giving up their former ways as the show returns from the hilarious ‘Archer: Vice’ story-line.

As we reported earlier, the ISIS brand will be leaving Archer at the beginning of season 6 (due to obvious political reasons here in the real-world), though the change won’t be a major-plot point in the series. The regular cast are all returning for the new season, so whether you are a fan of H. Jon Benjamin, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, Chris Parnell or Aisha Tyler, you won’t be disappointed. (We just assume everyone is a fan of Jessica Walter).

Season six premieres in January on FX, but an exact date has not been given at this time.