Wrestling fans have been wondering, and 2K now has answers regarding the Creation Suite in the upcoming current-gen version of WWE 2K15.

First off, you can create yourself in the game by uploading photos of your face to the community server and and applying it to the character model’s face as a “logo.” While this is not as cool (or hilarious) as NBA 2K15’s facial scan feature, it’s still leaps and bounds above simply manipulating endless sliders to get something that kinda sorta resembles you. At least this way, your face is actually in the game.

By the look of things, much of WWE’s creation features have been kept from the last-gen versions, though it’s hard to be sure until we actually get our hands on the game. Also not mentioned are any details regarding custom entrances. With the inability to save music to your console, it seems that the only to get custom entrance themes is if 2K announces the ability to upload music to the servers along with face photos.

At the moment there is no word on anything relating to customer music, so we’ll just have to wait and see! In the meantime, check out this dev video featuring art director Lynell Jinks as he takes you through the creation process.

WWE 2K15 will release on current-gen consoles on November 18th.