NBC has released the first promotional trailer for ‘Peter Pan Live!’, the latest musical in the network’s expanding line-up of classic stories aired over the holidays. Last year audiences tuned in for ‘Sound of Music’ starring Carrie Underwood, and this year it will be Allison Williams taking the role of Peter Pan, while Christopher Walken will take the role of Captain Hook.

The new trailer shows a bit of the practical-technology used in making the live-performance a reality, including the multitude of wires and pulleys that are required to send Peter Pan flying around the stage. Fans of the re-imagined story (sorry, but Peter Pan wasn’t a good-guy in the original) can watch Pan and Hook cross-swords as they practice their fight choreography, and get a small taste of William’s flight patterns before the special airs in December.

The NBC musical will air on December 4 of this year.